New Things!

New Things!

A last big drop before I start back up doing markets and events on Friday, March 11 at 5pm PST.

Limited quantities on most of the big earrings since I tried to use as much scrap clay as possible for this drop. Except for the sunset araws!

Back in September 2021 when I started making the sunset araws, I ran out of the original clay I used to make them and I knew I wanted to make more. I also knew I wanted to transition to using more Cernit polymer clay and so these new araws use Cernit Number One which means all the araws are made with some type of cernit clay now.

There's also a bunch of new hardware, cutters, silkscreens and other tools I've used for all these new earrings. Let's face it...there's times where there's nothing happen at markets and I just end up ordering all new things to play with 😅.

I had a lot of fun making all these earrings this round. Please check them out!

If you happen to be reading this before the drop...all the new items should be up at 5pm PST 3/11!

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