Craft Fairs, Hiiiiii, & Shop Update

Craft Fairs, Hiiiiii, & Shop Update

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Been a busy few weeks and it's not stopping 😅.

Last Saturday, I had a nice, sunny time at Kapwa Gardens for Sari Sari Saturday. It was a great way to start up doing events this for this year. It's always fun to be around other Filipino makers, artists, and creators. I had a smaller set up for this event with my new product displays and right after I ended up buying more new displays and paint to customize my larger set up even more.

This recent weekend, Hey Lay! was at Renegade Craft at Fort Mason Center and it was my first time planning to do a big event on my own. Thankfully, with my updated set up it was easy to put up and take down. I really try not to buy or use anything where I'll need help to set it up.

I'm very thankful for everyone who stopped by my booth! Especially those who told me they were glad to see I was back and/or they were excited to see my work IRL. And all the NEW customers and people who stopped by and bought something, took a business card, or gave me a follow...THANK YOU!

And shout out to everyone who told me they liked my branding and packaging as that it something I'm consistently proud of since I spent a lot of time on it.

Finally...Update is LIVE. A bunch of new stuff from the last two markets are up for sale!

P.S. I've got West Coast Craft coming up this upcoming Saturday and Girl Gang Craft planned for May! Check out my calendar for more details!


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